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Unlock Inner Harmony

New Moon Sound Healing

& Meditation Event

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and renewal? Join us at Enlightened Styles for a transformative New Moon Sound Healing and Meditation event that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

Experience the Magic of the New Moon:

The New Moon is a powerful time for setting intentions, releasing what no longer serves you, and embracing new beginnings. At our event, you'll have the opportunity to:

Sound Healing:

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic vibrations of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and other sacred instruments. Let the soothing sounds wash over you, promoting relaxation and releasing energy blockages.

Guided Meditation:

Our experienced meditation guide will lead you through a guided meditation to help you tap into the energy of the New Moon. Set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle and find inner peace.

Community Connection:

Connect with like-minded individuals in a safe and nurturing environment. Share your intentions, experiences, and insights as you become part of our wellness community.

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Reserve Your Spot:

Limited spots are available for this special event, and they fill up quickly. To secure your place and unlock the benefits of this transformative experience, simply fill out the form below:

What to Expect:

Comfort: Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or cushion for your comfort during the meditation and sound healing sessions.

Open Heart and Mind: Come with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace the healing and transformation that the New Moon offers.

Inner Peace: Leave the stresses of daily life behind as you immerse yourself in an evening of relaxation, intention-setting, and community.

Join Us on This Journey:

At Enlightened Styles, we're dedicated to helping you shine your brightest, and our New Moon Sound Healing and Meditation event is designed to do just that. Don't miss out on this opportunity to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Reserve your spot today and get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. We look forward to sharing this beautiful evening with you.